About The Author

Papa Will, the author of Pancake Piggy, strives to convey all-important life lessons with thought-provoking messages for early learners through his writing. His passion drives his writing, and he focuses on the importance of teaching constructive attitudes to children while using exciting and relevant characters. Through this story, Papa Will emphasizes the significance of kindness, sharing, caring, and the importance of positive relationships.

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What’s Inside The Book?

Pancake Piggy is a short storybook that helps children understand how to treat others.
This book is perfect for little ones who, at times, resist sharing their favorite things with their friends and unknowingly hurt their feelings by being rude or selfish. Pancake Piggy comes packed with eye-catching illustrations that both parents and children will love.
It’s a good book for parents, grandparents, and educators who want to have simple conversations with their children about the essential values of consideration, generosity, and empathy that will help them throughout their lives.

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