Pancake Piggy

Learning to Share

"Don't you know what happens to little girls who are so selfish?"

Pancake Piggy has a great message to convey – the significance of sharing and caring – starting early.

It is a story that emphasizes the importance of this concept, especially in friendships. It helps young ones learn to be kind and generous to everyone and also how good it is to listen to loving advice.

This 26-page book presents a story of a little girl who has everything she can desire. As a Princess, she believes she can treat other children any way she chooses and still expect them to be her friends. She is willing to share her massive collection of toys but not her favorite food. Her behavior toward them becomes a big problem, and she doesn’t have any idea how to make things right.

Priscilla’s aunt helps her solve her dilemma like a concerned and wise fairy godmother. She makes some suggestions to this self-centered little girl, who learns the hard way, to share with her friends and treat them kindly and care about their feelings.

“I guess when I am selfish,” cried the princess, “I don’t only hurt others but also myself.”

Want to read more? Add this book to your reading list to discover how Priscilla gets out of trouble in the end.